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Welcome To Car Care Centre

CAR CARE CENTRE was created with the goal to develop a Professional Car Care and Vehicle Servicing Company and Car Care Chemical Range that focused on a very high level of quality and professionalism for the most discerning auto enthusiast.

With that in mind, CAR CARE CENTRE quickly became one of the premiere car care companies in Vietnam, and also gained the highest level of respect within the automotive industry in Vietnam and abroad.

We also own Vietnam Car Care, Vietnam Detailing Academy and we are Exclusive Distributors for IGL Coatings Vietnam and PremiumShield PPF and our team has over 30 years car care experience in UK, Australia and Vietnam.

Dedicated Trainers

Because of the reputation that we have established, and the level of professionalism that we continually exhibited in our car care work, we regularly provide detailing training, window tint training and more!

This knowledge on products, tools, and techniques also created the establishment of the VIETNAM TRAINING ACADEMY where professional detailers come to learn the best techniques and practices.

Professional, Trusted Team

So for a natural evolution and progression of the business that we had been growing, it only made sense for us to take all of that product knowledge and relationships we had made with the manufacturers, and create our own brand of professional car and motorcycle products.

We also offer demo days and training in our products and systems at our dedicated training centre in HCMC.                             

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As you browse through the product selections within the Car Care Centre website, you’ll quickly notice that we have a limited range of products to offer. The reason for this is simple…We wanted to focus on products that work extremely well, products that are easy to use, and products that may be difficult to get through the traditional resellers. The products that we sell are the same products that we use at CAR CARE CENTRE and VIETNAM CAR CARE and teach about at the VIETNAM DETAILING ACADEMY

So with that being said, I hope that you enjoy the product selection we have to offer, and your experience at Car Care Centre.

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