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Professional Grade Underbody Rubberized Undercoating Keeps The Underneath Of Your Vehicle As Safe As Possible

  • UNDERBODY – Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating, Corrosion, Water and Salt Spray Resistant,

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Car Care Centre Underbody is an easy-to-use black rubberized protective coating for under vehicle protection. It provides corrosion protection from water, salt and other chemicals. Its helps deaden sound and provides a barrier against rust on cars, trucks, trailers and other recreational vehicles.



CCC Underbody Coating is a solvent based rubberised undercoating designed to protect the underbody of your car.  Many coatings either flake and chip, do not provide sufficient protection, or downright just look ugly once applied. CCC Underbody has the solution to all these and more problems with this Low VOC undercoating.

Key Features

CCC Underbody Coating uses cutting-edge technology that instantly produces amazing results!

Reduces Repair Costs

CCC Underbody is the perfect protection from damage to the underside of your vehicle, ensuring your repair costs are lower!

Anti Corrosion Protection

Due to its unique formula, CCC Underbody will protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion by providing a sacrificial rubber coating.

Sound Barrier

CCC Underbody will provide a barrier between the road and the inside of your vehicle, making it quieter inside your car. 

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