Engine Detailing Services

Are you passionate about your car and looking to enhance the appearance of your vehicle? 

Whilst many vehicle owners are interested in mainly keeping clean and washing the external areas of the vehicle, it is often that the engine bay is neglected from important maintenance. 

Please see our information below about how to keep your engine bay cleaned and when you should maintain this.

At Car Care Centre, we are experts in Engine Detailing

Your engine is one of the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle ad its very important to make sure it is maintained properly.

Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car.

There are several reasons why detailing your engine is essential. The most important reason is for preventative maintenance. Often times your engine compartment collects debris such as leaves, sand, twigs and dirt causing the drain holes to clog.

This makes it more likely that your vehicle may develop a water leak over time. Additionally, engine oil attracts dust that can clog your air filter over time. A clean engine is a better running engine. You may also have an oil leak and if your engine is professionally detailed, it will make it easier for your mechanic to find and repair any leaks.

Another very important reason to have your engine cleaned and regularly maintained is the fact that rodents like to live inside your vehicle, especially rats and mice in Vietnam. Rats and mice have been known to crawl inside your engine compartment from underneath the car and build nests, chew on wire bundles, fan belts and insulation or defecate while inside.

This may cause an awful smell that filters through your air vents. If you notice any of this happening, we recommend scheduling an engine detail immediately before any more damage happens to your vehicle’s engine.

Please see our Engine Detailing package details below: 


Premium Car Care Products

We use only the latest and best car care products, under Car Care Centre brand. The most up to date products on the market.


Experienced Staff

Our staff are trained in UK, Australia and Thailand – this training is passed on to our Vietnamese Detailing Technicians through regular training.


Latest Tools

We use the latest tools and machinery from UK, USA, Italy and Europe – ensuring the very best level of service for your vehicle. 


Various Options

We can also protect your engine compartment using a ceramic coating – this provides years of protection, keeping it looking new and clean. 

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Engine Detailing Packages

Car Care Centre provides just about every detailing service you would ever need; no longer are you stuck with local inexperienced companies providing a basic cleaning only, we offer a personalized solution dedicated to your vehicle and needs. 
We recommend that you clean and degrease your engine every 3-4 months and perform a proper full engine clean, contamination and detail service at least once a year. more frequently if your vehicle is exposed to harsh environments with a a lot of rain, dirt & dust, sand or sea air to remove debris and build-up
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What Options Are Available?

Basic Engine Cleaning : 

Engine Degrease: Degrease engine bay. An engine degreaser is used for detailing the engine by removing stubborn dirt & grime from fluid containers and hoses. This is a basic service that removes all loose debris and dirt and gives a basic cleaning to the engine area. This service takes around 1-2 hours.


Full Engine Detailing :

Engine Detail: Degrease & clean/dress engine bay. The engine bay is first misted lightly with water, cleaned with an appropriate degreaser and then rinsed.
When dry, a dressing is properly applied to plastic, silicone and rubber parts to protect from cracking. If your engine has chrome, the chrome is polished to bring back its shine.
This will help preserve your engine, as well as enhance, protect and prolong the life of your vehicle.