Interior Detailing Services

Are you passionate about your car and looking to enhance the appearance of your vehicle? 

Whilst many vehicle owners are interested in mainly keeping clean and washing the external areas of the vehicle, it is often that the Interior of the car is neglected from important maintenance. The inside of the vehicle gets very dirty and many germs and bacteria can get inside – this is bad for the health of you and your family. 

Please see our information below about how to keep your interior cleaned and when you should maintain this.

At Car Care Centre, we are experts in Interior Cleaning and Interior Protection.

Your Interior is the dirtiest part of your vehicle and is full of dirt, germs and bacteria, which is not good for your health.

Did you know that most of us think more often about cleaning the outside of our vehicles than about the inside? Yet who does not appreciate a vehicle interior that has a new-car look, feel, and smell?

Wouldn’t you like to get rid of all those stains and odours: grime, lingering tobacco smell, dust mites, animal dander, calcium, mud, food, molds, fingerprints, chewing gum, etc.?

Entrust your vehicle to our Car Care Centre specialists for professional interior detailing. In addition to getting rid of stubborn stains and unpleasant odours, professional interior detailing will help maintain the value of your vehicle while providing the comfort of a new one.

Please see our Interior Detailing package details below: 


Premium Car Care Products

We use only the latest and best car care products, under Car Care Centre brand. The most up to date products on the market.


Experienced Staff

Our staff are trained in UK, Australia and Thailand – this training is passed on to our Vietnamese Detailing Technicians through regular training.


Latest Tools

We use the latest tools and machinery from UK, USA, Italy and Europe – ensuring the very best level of service for your vehicle. 


Various Options

We can also protect your interior leather, plastics and fabrics using a ceramic coating – this provides years of protection, keeping it looking new and clean. 

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Phun khử khuẩn nội thất ô tô

Interior Detailing Packages

Car Care Centre provides just about every detailing service you would ever need; no longer are you stuck with local inexperienced companies providing a basic cleaning only, we offer a personalized solution dedicated to your vehicle and needs. 
It may surprise you to know that your car’s interior is more dirty than your toilet seat.  It’s quite disgusting when you think about it.  The reality is that most people clean their bathrooms more than they clean their vehicles.  We’ve seen people eat, shave, brush their hair and do makeup in their vehicles.  Babies have accidents, sweaty kids are transported to and from sports and dance classes. 
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What Options Are Available?

Basic Interior Cleaning : 

  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect the vehicle interior. This level of detailing is far superior to anything you can attain elsewhere or by doing it yourself.
  • Every part of the interior including the seats, carpet, auto glass, trim, and steering wheel, will be thoroughly disinfected using our anti-bacterial process that eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Your vehicle interior will be cleaner, healthier, and more inviting.

Interior Protection Services :

Our interior protection services will protect your leather, plastics and interior trim using a Ceramic Coating. This will ensure that your interior surfaces are protected from liquids, transfer of dye from clothes, food stains and damage from the UV rays of the sun.