Ceramic Coating Protection

New cars have an unbeatable look and feel about them that can soon start to fade, but with our Ceramic Coating packages, we can seal in that feeling for longer. Not only will your car leave the detailing room looking better than showroom and protected, but will feel and look newer for longer helping retain its value. Protect your investment with a ceramic protection package, available with additional ad-ons.


What Is A Ceramic Coating?

In simple terms, a ceramic coating is used to cover a car with a second sacrificial layer of protection. This coating, which is clear and makes the cars paint work a lot more shiny, helps to protect against various issues. Essentially, think of a ceramic coating as a shield against common problems that often degrade the appearance of a car.

How does this work exactly? Well, ceramic coatings are a protective coating which is forms a bond to your paintwork, glass or plastics to create an exceptionally fine, thin layer that’s invisible to the naked eye. As for what these particles consist of, the coating’s liquid formula will usually include ceramic, quartz, or glass. 

Going back to how it functions, the ceramic coating will bond to the paint when applied. Well, it’s actually a semi-permanent bond, but it can last for up to 5 years if maintained well.



Manufacturer defects removed*

Even before the keys are in your hands, your pride and joy may have picked up defects such as swirl marks or contamination.


Gloss enhancment

Our Ceramic Coatings will not only protect your vehicle, but they will give the paint added gloss and shine – making it look new for years.


Long lasting protection

Keep your vehicle looking new for longer with the best ceramic protection that lives up to the promises. 1 to 5 Years Protection Available.


Protect all surfaces not just your paintwork

We use specialised coatings for paintwork, glass, plastic trim, wheels, fabric and leather. Offering your vehicle total protection for years!

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Ceramic Coating Packages

Protect your investment and pride and joy with our Ceramic Protection Packages.

Buying a new vehicle is a large investment and, understandably, you would expect a brand-new vehicle to be in perfect condition and without defects, unfortunately, in 95% of new cars, this is not the case. 

Vehicles often ship from the factory with a varying number of defects or can pick up these defects once they are prepared by your supplying dealership. 

Bring it to us for car detailing with a safe and protected finish and it WILL look better than new. Also, if you are buying a new car, we can arrange with your dealers for the safe pick up or delivery of your new car.


What protection options are available for my vehicle?

Ceramic Coating:

Durability options of 1 to 2 years, high definition gloss, swirl and scratch resistance, UV protection, easy clean surfaces and chemical resistance are just some of the benefits of a dedicated Ceramic paint protection.


Graphene Coating:

Graphene Coatings are the next generation of ceramic coatings, offering durability of  3 to 5 years, higher level of gloss, increased swirl and scratch resistance, UV protection, easy clean surfaces and added chemical resistance are just some of the benefits of a dedicated Graphene paint protection.