Paint Correction Services

Are you passionate about your car and looking to enhance the appearance of your vehicle? 

Utilizing the highest quality products, ensures the best results for your vehicle. Car Care Centre provides excellent service and outstanding results, and we get the job done right and have your vehicle looking like new. Our goal is not to only offer you the best products and services but also to provide the best customer experience.

Paint correction is a labor intensive, multiple step process of removing surface scratches and imperfections within the vehicle’s paintwork. This involves the use of machine polishers and wide range of products. Fully corrected paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections, as there are no longer any imperfections to scatter and reflect the light rays.

At Car Care Centre, we are experts at Paint Correction and Polishing.

Has your vehicle lost it’s gloss and shine? Is it plagued by swirls and scratches?

Our experienced staff can bring your vehicle to an exceptional condition, removing the damage to your paintwork. Paint Correction is one of our many specialities, providing a mirror deep gloss to your vehicle’s finish while eliminating swirls and scratches.

Every vehicle is different and requires certain needs, we customize our paint correction to the client’s goals and the vehicle’s specific needs. We use the latest in paint correction techniques and products to safely bring your vehicle back to an impressive finish. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with concierge-level service to help them through the detail process. Let us personally walk you through our paint correction process and restore your car to the highest level possible.

Please see our Paint Correction package details below: 


Premium Car Care Products

We use only the latest and best car care products, under Car Care Centre brand. The most up to date products on the market.


Experienced Staff

Our staff are trained in UK, Australia and Thailand – this training is passed on to our Vietnamese Detailing Technicians through regular training.


Latest Tools

We use the latest tools and machinery from UK, USA, Italy and Europe – ensuring the very best level of service for your vehicle. 


Various Options

Whether you just want just the ugly swirl marks removed or a full paintwork restoration, we can support your requirements. 

Nhân viên vietnam Car Care đang thực hiện đánh bóng
Nhân viên Vietnam Car Care đang thực hiện đánh bóng

Paint Correction Packages

Car Care Centre provides just about every detailing service you would ever need; no longer are you stuck with local inexperienced companies providing a basic cleaning only, we offer a personalized solution dedicated to your vehicle and needs. 
We detail all kinds of vehicles; whether it be your family transporter, or your prized summer sports car, or maybe your corporate fleet vehicles, appearance says a lot. 
Paint Correction is one of our most popular services and allows your car to shine again like new!
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What Options Are Available?

2 Stage Paint Correction :

Stage 2 Paint Correction is suited to cars that have moderate swirl marks and light scratches and involves using 2 different polish and pad combinations; the first step is generally a cutting (abrasive) polish, to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches and other moderate paint defects.

3 Stage Paint Correction :

Stage 3 Paint Correction is suited to cars that have moderate to heavy swirl marks and deeper scratches and involves using 3 different polish and pad combinations; the first step is generally a heavy cutting (abrasive) compound, to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches and other moderate paint defects. Then it is followed up with further correction using 2 other types of compounds and cutting and polishing pads.